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Schedule for 1/2/19 through May 2019

Schedule for June through August

Class Descriptions

Bootcamp Blend

Are you ready for a total body workout like no other? Bootcamp is designed to get your metabolism smoking hot, get you fit, and target and tone your entire body. Not only will we be doing dynamic full-body exercises, high-intensity interval training, plyometric (explosive) moves, resistance training and core strengthening, but we will also be able to utilize all of the equipment available over the course of each month to change up the routines and maximize results. Still not enough? We will also mix things up here and there by doing other classes such as Kettlebells, BOSU, Pilates and Yoga, Drums Alive, Pump Up, Stick and Stones, and Core Assets! This truly is the class for those that want to do it all and get results!

BOSU Bootcamp

Ready for a new, creative experience? This intense 30 minutes of interval training combines balance, stability, core training and bust-your-butt cardio into one class. This class utilizes the BOSU ball, which is a stability ball that has one flat side and one curved side. With the addition of this piece of equipment, you are sure to activiate and tone new muscles, and improve your balance and coordination while scorching calories!

Concrete Kettlebells

Everyone starts here. This class builds the foundation for safe, mechanically sound kettlebell movements. Starting from the basics and building into more advanced movements by the end of the class, it's sure to tone you up and burn calories. Kettlebells are a great and innovative way to incorporate heart-pumping, functional movements into everyday life!

Core Assets

Time to get away from the traditional crunches and situps—power up the most functional segment of your body, your core! This class focuses on all the muscles throughout your trunk, including abdominals, back, hips and butt. Every movement you make stems from your core, thus relieving back pain, toning your midsection and protecting those assets that are so important to our everyday life!

Dance Fitness

When participants see a dance fitness class in action, they can't wait to give it a try. Dance fitness features exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Before participants know it, they're getting fit and their energy levels are soaring! There's no other fitness class like a fitness party. It's easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating, often building a deep-rooted community among returning students.

Daybreak Delirium

This intense daybreak class is sure to awaken your body and defog your mind, leading to a great rest of your day. This class follows a strategic plan of intervals each day to keep your body in constant confusion, leading to amazing results. Throughout the 5-day program, you will hit all areas of fitness, including resistance training, plyometrics, cardio and core stability. Can you keep up? Test your mental toughness, and join us to maximize results in a short amount of time!

Drums Alive

Drums Alive brings a whole new experience to working out. This unique opportunity uses the stability ball as your drum, with drumsticks in hand to keep the beat. This class is all about having fun while burning fat and calories. Each session is liberating and often creates a type of euphoria and relief as you destress your way through the workout. Not only will it enhance your physical fitness, but it also works your mental fitness. Drums Alive fits every age group and fitness level!

FIT Kettlebells

If you're ready to take Kettlebells to the next level, this class is for you. Progressing from the basic movements learned in Concrete Kettlebells, this will challenge your body in a new way. Take it up a notch, and take your movements and calorie burn to a place they haven't gone! Enjoy the challenges along the way. Concrete Kettlebells or Kettlebells experience is required.

Kettlebell Bootcamp

Are you ready for a total-body workout like no other? Bootcamp is designed to get your metabolism smoking hot, get you fit, and target and tone your entire body. Not only will we be doing dynamic full-body exercises, high intensity interval training, plyometric (explosive) moves, cardiovascular challenges, resistance training and core strengthening, but we will also be able to utilize all of the equipment available, including our newest kettlebells, over the course of each month to change up the routines and maximize results. There's no yelling or screaming, only a positive, encouraging and fun atmosphere for you to achieve your goals!

Low-Impact Cardio

This class offers an opportunity to get your heart pumping while keeping the impact of the exercises under control and at a slower pace. You will still get the fat-burning benefits, but at more of a beginner level. As you work through a variety of exercises and utilize different equipment, you will continue to build up your cardiovascular health and progress to new levels!

Paddleboarding 101—Pebble Lake Public Access—FF (3-Week Sessions)

By taking the concept of stand-up paddling and incorporating fitness and low-impact core strengthening, you'll understand the concept of the board and paddle, as well as get a workout for the body, mind and soul. These classes are designed to improve paddling technique, efficiency and speed as well as turning skills, agility and balance. Additional strength-training activities are practiced on the board once participants gain confidence in the basics of maneuvering. Each attendee is provided with the necessary equipment to participate in the SUP Fitness class, including boards and paddles. If you have your own equipment, there is a lower cost to the class. Participants can expect to have fun while learning beginner-to-intermediate skills that will enable them to fully benefit from the health and fitness results of stand-up paddling.

Phatty's Noon Blend/Evening Blend

This class offers a variety to suit any mood. Throughout each session participants will experience weight training, cardio, step aerobics, stability balls, Pilates and relaxation along with a jolt of energy. As always, all exercises are presented with modifications and the workout is meant to go at your own pace! If you are looking for a class that has it all, this one is for you!

Phatty's Pilates Mix

This class takes traditional Pilates to the next level by incorporating weights, bands, BOSU balls, stability balls and steps! While still working your core, you will also make your way through the upper and lower body, creating a full-body workout. The variety of this class will keep your body guessing and your mind stimulated throughout, thus maximizing your results!

Phatty's Pulsing Pilates

This class combines traditional Pilates with a bit of heart-pumping cardio. It takes traditional Pilates to the next level, without the impact of a typical cardio class! The basics of Pilates stem from core-strengthening exercises, but you will also work your way through the upper and lower body. With the addition of cardio, you will achieve more rapid fat burning and quicker results than with traditional Pilates.

Phatty's Total Pump Up

This class is a resistance training class that offers 60 minutes of full-body toning and conditioning. This class will give you the long lean look you are going for along with building strength and confidence. Whether you are wanting to improve your look, build strength or fend off future health problems, such as osteoporosis, this is the class for you. You'll use an aerobic step, a bar and a set of weights. This class can be suited for any fitness level, depending on how much weight you choose to lift. This class burns nearly 500 calories in an hour.

Phatty's Warrior Bootcamp

Bring it on! This class is meant to test your abilities through strength and endurance intervals, while toning every inch of your body. This class will push you out of your comfort zone, making the completion of each set, each rep and each class a huge accomplishment! Using a variety of moves, pace changes and equipment, adaptations can be made at all levels to allow everyone to have success and results!


Spinning is a fun, athletic, cardiovascular cycling class that scorches calories to the maxiumum! Start pedaling, and let the music take you across various terrains, climbs, speeds and intensities. Because individuals can adjust the resistance on their spinner bike, each participant gets the workout that is right for them. And because there are no complicated movements to learn, the benefits start on Day 1!

Spinning Bike 'N' Bells

Knock out your cardio and strength all in one session! This class combines a traditional Spinning class with full body toning to maximize your results in a short time. Each day, the toning series will be different, with dumbbells, bars, balls and even a relaxing mat day.

Sticks & Stones

This fun, calorie burning workout is a combination of our two most popular classes: Drums Alive & Pump Up. Get the best of both worlds by combining the challenging cardio that comes with Drums Alive along with the all over toning that you get from Pump Up.


STRONG by Zumba is the first non-dance based class from the fitness brand. The newest of all Zumba classes revolves around high-intensity interval training, but still focuses on moving to the beat. Think of it as boot camp choreography... a bass that puts you in a squatting trance.

Tabatas 'n Tone

This class is a combination of cardio and strength Tabata programming with a direct hit on your core. It's sure to improve overall aerobic capacity and strength.

Wee Fit

Does your family have the squiggles? Let's have some fun together and work it out! Not only will this class raise both your and your children's heart rates, but it will help create a love for fitness with high-energy cardio and strength. Kids ages 3+ will enjoy all components of this class, and all participants will get their sweat on! Check it out!

Yin Yoga Flow (50-Minute Noon Express)—Located in Lower Level of Mill Street

Yoga poses are chosen to help the body relax, recharge and heal. As the body begins to open and the mind quiets, students flow smoothly into yoga poses and the demands of life off the yoga mat. Receive individualized attention as you explore the fundamentals of standing and seated yoga, backbends and twists. Class ends with guided relaxation. Beginners welcome.

Yoga Box

Yoga Box is a unique fusion experience that combines the intense full-body workout of boxing along with the strength and grace of yoga sculpt. In this interval-based class, you will challenge your body physically, learn ways to let your natural energy flow and reach a Zen state of mind. Be powerful. Be peaceful. Be you.

Yoga Flow—Located in the Lower Level of Mill Street

Gain flexibility, strength and calmness of mind as you move through yoga poses in a smooth and flowing manner. Emphasis is on linking the breath with each movement to build inner heat to aid in cleansing the body of toxins, while feeling healthier and looking younger. Class ends with a 10-minute guided relaxation bringing you to a centered, peaceful state. Ideal for students with some yoga experience—yet beginners are welcome and will be given modifications to suit their fitness level.

Yoga Sculpt (70 Minute)

The beauty of yoga is combined with Pilates and full-body toning. Breathe, move, and sculpt your body and mind, using grace and strength. Each class is unique and ends with a blissful guided relaxation. Beginners welcome.

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