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What to expect

What should I expect at my first class?

On your first day, you will enter the studio and be guided by your instructor as to what equipment you will need and receive an overview of what will be happening in class that day. The instructor will lead you through a fitness routine using music rhythms and elements to keep the class moving. Your goal: Keep moving! Throughout the class, all instructors will introduce modifications if needed for everyone to be successful.

What should I wear?

We always want you to be comfortable, thus wear whatever you feel best in and can move in. If that's spandex and a tank top, great. If it's baggy sweats and a loose T-shirt, great! It's all about you! A clean pair of tennis shoes will top it off.

What do I need to bring?

Water is No. 1! Clean, comfortable tennis shoes. (Please do not wear them to the studio.) A mat, if you have one, but no problem if you don't—we have communal mats to get you started.

Where are you located?

Phatty Nattie's is now located in the lower level of the Cancer Care and Research Center. Our entrance is on the Mill Street side of the Cancer Center. You will see a Phatty Nattie's banner and logos inside the windowed entrance.

How do I sign up for a class?

Click here to sign up for a class today and follow the steps on the registration form. You will be prompted to pay by credit or debit card.

What if I have trouble with my knees, hips, shoulder, etc.?

We will teach you modifications to use throughout the class so that you are able to keep moving along with us, just in your own way! It's all about you and what you can do.

What are you doing to manage COVID-19?

Class sizes are limited to 10 people/per class. All clients are required to wear a mask into the building, have their temperature taken, and get their equipment to their space before they take their mask off. Equipment sharing is not allowed. Following the workout all clients will be given a sanitizing wipe to wipe down their equipment and are encouraged to mask up to put their equipment away. Masks are required in the hallways and bathrooms but not in the gym while working out. Athletes are asked to bring their own water bottles as water fountains are not available.

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