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Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going!

Benefits of Group Fitness for Women and Men

Phatty Nattie's is a fitness facility that focuses on the importance and motivation of working out in a group setting. Our goal is to create a comfortable environment in which the most fit individuals get a challenging workout, while less athletic individuals are able to get a kick-start on fitness. We thrive on creating an unintimidating experience in which all participants feel a sense of belonging and personal success. With our classes there is no need to worry about not keeping up. It's all about pushing yourself to your limits and doing what you can!

There are many benefits to working out with a group. The initial benefit is allowing your environment to be nonintimidating for all participants, no matter their fitness level. Once established in a group fitness class, you will realize that you are missed and will be motivated to attend most or all sessions. As you continue to participate, you will realize that some exercises are more difficult for you than others. Working with a group motivates you to push through the tough times to get the best results. Getting through the tough times is a sure self-esteem booster. But most of all, a group fitness environment is meant to be social and to promote friendship and motivation among participants. We all have different goals, but the main goal is a sense of achievement, making you feel stronger and more confident.

Classes are not just for women but for men as well!

Research shows that men benefit from group fitness as well as women do. Remember, we all have personal goals we are out to achieve. If you are at all interested or know someone who may be interested, please sign up or just walk in and try a class.

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